Rishi Panda

Rishi Panda

Singer, Musican, Composer

Rishi Panda is a Contaian, born and bred. He is a passionate musician who belongs to a family with prominent musical background. He started his musical journey with an approach which is apparently casual. He made his first appearance with his first band ‘Nexus’ in 2006. He also made music with a Kolkata based band called ‘Saffron Sapphire’ for a few days. He won the ‘Times Music Challenge 2011’ and from then on one thing led to another with the course of time, and he ended up having his own professional recording studio. Now he runs his own production called ‘MicDrop’, and besides doing commercial recordings, he makes his own music with his band ‘Coast32’. He launches his own music videos, and collabs, on his own YouTube channel. He has worked with a couple of full length movie projects as a music director also. He is associated with several production houses whom he provides with commercial musical assistance. He is a fulltime musician who likes to call himself as a ‘composer’ first, and a ‘singer’ second.

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