Shankhadip Paria

Guitarist, Lyricist, Content Writer

Shankhadip Paria is a Contai born music enthusiast who plays guitar and writes lyrics for his band ‘Coast32’ while doing his full time regular job. His passion, often interrupted by reality, lies in words. He made his first appearance as a performing guitarist with his first band ‘Nexus’ in 2007. Over the years he has worked with many groups and ended up being a lyricist and guitarist in his present band ‘Coast32’ which he does not want to break up with. Besides being a lyricist for his own band, he also writes for other composers, artists and organisations. Besides all of these, he likes to read, eat and cook. Sometimes he tries his hand in photography (which is terrible). Writing being his first love, he has his own Bengali Blog page which you can check out at facebook page or at his website . Furthermore, you can connect with his band ‘Coast32’ at Coast 32

BHOY probably his best contribution towards his passion.

Furthermore, you can connect with his band at COAST 32 facebook.

His best SubhTube contribution is Darie Acho Tumi Amar

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